Our Story

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BeYoutiful Skin, Beautiful You

We are here for your skin, hair and body care formulations created with judicious awareness to detail, and with essence and cognizant pleasure in body & soul.

Now you are entitled to join our life-gifting union, here you’ll find alternative options to enhance your living in a time-effective-invulnerable way.

If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, Just get on and enjoy the journey. Especially it’s a pink rocket ship. What is unusual is not always threatening. What is different is not always strange. What about everything is fancy in pink but resistant to corrosion just like titanium?

minusplus brand image


The term PITANIUM, referring to pink titanium. Everything is fancy in pink but resistant to corrosion just like titanium. In our Pink is love, youth and happiness.

Where as Titanium . It is a lustrous transition metal with a silver color, low density, and high strength.

There are no more boundaries about age and colour tone, it would not be like the traditional way to do whitening but ‘Pinkening’. The patent for hard-working women is eliminated, even the naughty/ lazy girls will be able to get the perfect skin by personalising their own routine. Looking after the skin should not be your daily load and boring, it should be inspiring and enlightening.

Therefore, we have combined Pink & Titanium – PITANIUM With the high level of technology these days, any beauty treatments or products are so easy to be found. It connected the world but disconnected the humans.

There are too much information's flooding in the internet, people are urged to get every up-coming thing without knowing what they really are. On top of this limitation, we determined to make ‘skin-supplements’ instead of just ‘skin-care’. We are not just caring your skin, we are mindful to your user experience; knowing how every single product work, how to coordinate the products to enhance the best result, the best way to use them etc.

Basically just love!